Environmental Sustainability

Our Commitment to Responsibility,
Conservation, Stewardship and Efficiency

Office Perks Coffee is Dedicated to Environmental SustainabilityOffice Perks Coffee is committed to being a beneficial neighbor inside our local communities as well as on our planet by discovering new opportunities to introduce environmentally friendly methods into our office coffee business.

There is not a road map to guide us and the horizon continues to transform, but we have begun our journey by simply defining both modest and far-reaching measures that will help us control our impact on the environment and by expanding those initiatives into our customers’ breakrooms.

We are dedicated in all of our Environmental Sustainability projects including:


Corporate Sustainability for a Better World

Green-Track™ is a service provided by Blue World, Inc.

The purpose of Green-Track™ is to create a corporate sustainability program in which your company can easily participate.

Office Perks Coffee has partnered with Green-Track and Tassimo to provide our customers with an easy way to corporate sustainability in their offices. By collecting TASSIMO T-DISCs in a Green-Track™ Collection Container, your company can ensure that this refuse will not end up in a landfill.

How It Works

Step 1: Go online to www.blueworldinc.com/greentrack
Step 2: Purchase your official Green-Track™ Collection Container for $79.95
Step 3: Once you have filled up your Green-Track™ Collection Container with TASSIMO PROFESSIONAL T-DISCs, attach the prepaid UPS Shipping label to the box and have your UPS delivery person pick up the box.