Newco Fresh Cup

Newco Fresh Cup

Freedom of Choice
Choose from up to three programmable taste profiles (mild, medium or bold) or
volume settings (small, medium large).

Perfectly Brewed Coffee
Enjoy the benefits of Fresh Cup’s unmatched brewing capability. Easily develop
your brewing parameters for your POD size (56mm or 61mm) and weight (up to
16 grams) through simple programming of Pre-infusion, pulse brewing, volume
and contact time. A flow meter allows for increased accuracy over a range of pod
offerings. Fresh Cup’s brew mechanism is designed so the POD lays perfectly flat
promoting even extraction of the bed of coffee.

Built to last
Fresh Cup was designed with the roaster/operator in mind. High quality, rugged
construction that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Operator Convenience
Built in features that add value to your operation and the customer experience:
• Accepts standard travel mugs.
• On touch brew activation
• Back to back brew cycles without reheat delays.
• Easy access spent POD and drip tray with automatic POD counter reset
• Quiet ejection of pods.
• Hot water dispense button for allied products.

Quickly and easily remove the brewing mechanism and heating system from the cabinet for service and repair. In addition, Fresh Cup provides:
• Error codes for “heads up” serviceability
• Replaceable independent Newco parts
• New Anti corrosive tank coating – eliminates lime build up.
• Removable side panels for serviceability.

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