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ION Water Filtration System by Natural Choice

Freshly Filtered, Instantly Chilled

No Stale Water!

Unlike other coolers, the ION by Natural Choice is reservoir-free which means it never holds or stores drinking water that was filtered days or weeks earlier. Instead, the ION’s uniquely engineered design uses a sealed and pressurized water pathway, freshly filtering every glass instantly on demand. Filtering on demand means your water is always the freshest and at its best.

The Cooler Cooler

Don’t let its small size deceive you. ION packs a powerful cooling system – InstaChill™.

InstaChill™ is rated at 8.0 gallons per hour at 42 F, and delivers 10 times more cooling capacity than ordinary coolers. InstaChill™ can comfortably handle a crowded cafeteria, or a blistering hot golf course in the middle of summer.

Countless Uses

Dispensing 180 F water at the touch of a button (Model 902) brings up all kinds of possibilities. ION gives you more capacity by combining software, digital sensors, and a little common sense. Other coolers are using old-fashioned mechanical thermostats, which lag the real temperature inside the tank.

Perfect for offices where employees may prefer other beverage choices. For example a glass of SPARKLING WATER (Model 903) and all you need to add is a twist of lemon or lime, Be assured knowing that you won’t be drinking chlorine, lead, and other contaminants. ION by Natural Choice is the perfect combination of filtration and instant hot, cold or sparkling water in one appliance depending on the model.


Depending on the model the same appliance that filters, chills, and heats your water, could have an endless source of Sparkling Water, the 100% natural refreshment.

And if you’re the sort of person that lives a healthy lifestyle, and a “corn syrup” soft drink turns you off, then it’s time to take the Sparkling plunge.

Energy Usage

An average Water Cooler costs about $40 per year to operate (400 kwH at $0.10 per KwH). The majority of that energy is used for the hot water system.

While other coolers are operating 24/7/365, the ION by Natural Choice can be programed to automatically sense when the room is dark and throttles down the temperature to save energy. Of course, if your office is going 24/7/365, this feature can be disabled, but some corporate facilities with 100+ coolers are finding that ION’s SleepMode feature makes a lot of cents.



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