Midsize Office Coffee Services

Tassimo Professional T-300

Tassimo Professional T-300
These intelligent coffee brewing systems feature scannable T-Discs that contain a precise amount of premium ground coffee, tea or chocolate from well-known brands like Gevalia, Twinings and Suchard. A great single cup coffee brewer for your midsize office and, you’ll enjoy a full range of premium hot beverages, at your fingertips, including cappuccinos and lattes.


Curtis Traditional Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafes

Curtis Alpha 3GTR, Curtis D500GT & Curtis TLP
If a more traditional coffee program suits your midsize office style, then our top-of-the-line Curtis coffee brewers and thermal carafe options are just what you are looking for. Delicious coffee stays hot for up to 6 hours in our attractive, insulated and portable Curtis airpots or gravity-fed dispensers.

Curtis Alpha 3GTR | Curtis D500GT | Curtis TLP