Coffee Brands

Office Perks Signature Series

Café Blend – Only the good stuff. An excellent well-balanced blend of Central and South American coffees with a smooth clean taste, medium body, and a fine finish. A great coffee to use as an everyday or breakfast blend.

European Roast – Lively with a rich aroma. A smooth and satisfying coffee you can drink all day. A dark roasted, full-bodied blend of coffee beans grown exclusively in Central and South America. This blend highlights the harmonious flavor attributes of some of the Western Hemisphere’s finest Arabicas.

French Roast – Our darkest roast. An intense, bold coffee with pronounced smoky overtones. We blend only high-grown, hard-bean coffees that are dense enough to stand up to this roast. It is not a coffee for the cautious. The deep, dark glistening beans brew a bold cup of coffee with pronounced smoky overtones.

Fancy House Blend -Latin and African coffees blended to produce all the body, aroma, and flavor necessary for the quintessential cup of coffee.

Dark Roast – Complementing varieties are blended with a darker roast coffee to produce a cup that has a touch of the dark taste and more “oomph” than regular House Blend.

100% Columbian Filter Pack – A blend of rich Colombian and high grown Central American coffees. A well balanced coffee producing the right amount of acidity and body. You will love this coffee.

Donut Shop Blend – 100% high grown Arabica coffee that resembles your favorite donut shop coffee. A sharp, bright snap with a clean and smooth finish.

Organic Peace Blend — A blend of Fair Trade Organic certified beans from Central America and Sumatra, the Maestro Peace Blend is an earthy blend with peppery exotic spice, rich in a full, buttery flavor, and deep in body. These beans are certified Fair Trade and Organic, and are 100% Arabica, high grown beans.

Sumatra Mandheling – A rare, exotic coffee from Indonesia, known for its heavy body, deep flavor, nutty aroma, and low acidity. Mandheling, grown on the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, is a low-key acidity and a heavy, almost syrupy, body with a concentrated and complex flavor.

House Decaf – Don’t let the lack of caffeine fool you! We pick only the highest quality beans for this decaffeinated roast, and then roast them with care to a medium roasted coffee. The result is an intense aroma, and a full bodied flavor that will please even the pickiest of coffee connoisseurs

Flavored Coffees – Vanilla Nut, Hazelnut Cream, Cinnamon Hazelnut, Coconut Cream, Irish Cream


National Brand Selections


Tassimo Coffee Delivery Service


Tassimo starts with the finest ingredients. Bold beans. Real milk. Delicate tea leaves. But the key to the drink you love is in the preparation. That’s why our T DISCs aren’t just ingredients, they’re instructions for drinks made the way the should be. TASSIMO uses the barcode on each T DISC as a recipe for the ideal beverage. And that means brewing a better cup of coffee. With 8 delicious beverage types to enjoy, your TASSIMO brewer does it all.


Starbucks Office Coffee Services


From the roaster who changed the face of coffee, experience the Ultimate Coffee Break. We’re proud to bring the Starbuck’s experience to your office with a variety of their best-known blends, including Starbuck’s Breakfast Blend, Caffe Verona and French Roast.


Seattles Best Coffee Delivery Service

Seattle’s Best

Seattle’s Best Coffee has been satisfying America’s demand for smooth-tasting coffee, and we’ve been fueled by the simple notion that everybody deserves a more enjoyable coffee experience. Now, we’re on a mission to bring Great Coffee Everywhere™. We are obsessed with coffee, and especially with how we make it. Every step of the way, from coffee cherry to your cup, is managed to fit our exacting standards. Simply put: We put in the work. Then we call it great.


Peets Coffee Delivery Service

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Discover Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Fresh-roasted coffees and hand-selected teas. Peet’s unique roasting style results in a rich, complex taste that no other roaster can duplicate. For ultimate freshness, Peet’s hand roasts its coffees daily and ships them the same day. Try Peet’s Coffee & Tea, you will not be disappointed.


Gevalia Coffee Delivery Service


Generations of Swedish kings have given our coffee their royal seal. Gevalia Kaffe commits to the richer coffee experience. Since 1853, Gevalia has upheld the uncompromising standards put forth by our founder. Today, we continue to buy the best beans in the world and handcraft a product inspired by traditional cast-iron roasting. Our coffee still has a distinctively rich, smooth taste that’s never bitter and is still served by the Royal Court of Sweden. All that effort comes together with every cup of Gevalia that you brew. From the alluring aroma that greets your nose as you open the package to each cup’s full-bodied flavor, we’re confident you’ll agree that Gevalia is a genuine premium coffee lover’s delight.


Wolf Gang Puck Coffee Delivery Service

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck Portion Packs and Pods make it easy to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time.  Each perfectly balanced blend features estate grown beans from the finest growing regions.  Live – Love – Eat….and drink great coffee.